Dare to decorate and paint in two colors

Don't you think that summer is the best time of the year to give a touch of colour to the walls of your house?

And have you thought about doing it with two colors? Or even with three? Don't be afraid, they look spectacular.

Besides, they dry faster, we can open the doors and windows, and we can enjoy them from the first minute.

We love two-coloured rooms and there are countless options inside. Not only are the walls, we can also paint the furniture in two colours.

We are also crazy about those two-colour environments achieved through the decorative objects themselves. Or tricolour. Because you don't have to stick exclusively to two colours if a third one gives you a result you like better. Imagine breaking a room where everything is grey with green curtains, matching the cushions or the colour of the furniture.


Room Tour available

Casasola Room Tour.

Little by little, it seems that we are going to get out of the state of alarm, and we will be able to go back to normal, the "new normal".

Casasola Decor think that it is time to take a break and get our hopes up again with new decorations, gifts or to give our home a new air that will motivate us in the new stage we are starting.

Ask us for a Room Tour of our exhibition, and we will be happy to show you all the new products we have or help you with your decoration needs or concerns.

Now is the time to think about our home and enjoy it again as it deserves!


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Do you accept our challenge?

After having carried out the cleaning and organization tasks of your home, you may have noticed that your personal corner where you relax, enjoy yourself with your family or simply make you be yourself need to be rejuvenated, requires a new decoration or simply some element that makes it an unique and different place.

Casasola Decor does not want that this pandemic situation break your dreams and wants to contribute with its part in these difficult moments with a new challenge for eveyone: Send a picture of the space or room that needs a change, tell us what you would like to change and We will propose you ideas and advices to achieve it.

Our online advice and consultation service is available so these little projects will become true.

email: info@casasoladecor.com

WhatsApp contact 615235692

Together we keep the illusion

We are aware of the situation we have been going through in the last few weeks. Our lives have taken such a turn that anything other than health has taken a back seat.

At Casasola Decor, we don't want the coronavirus to break your dreams and illusions, so we have decided to do our bit. If you were thinking of redecorating your house, a room, redesigning the space or simply buying a piece of design that you had already seen, we will help you to achieve it.

When normality is restored and we can open our doors you will have a 15% discount on new projects, and up to 50% discount on products from the exhibition.

So that those little illusions don't stay put any longer.


Spring keys

In a few days, spring will be definitively installed in our calendar and our house will be transformed to the sound of the new mood. While waiting to present you our new exhibition we leave you with some of the keys for the new season. 

The colour

Earthy tones such as beige, off-white and various shades of brown will dominate. Everything to give more warmth to our house. Also in the decorative elements, like the printing of the tablecloths or cushions. The floral prints in grey are an excellent and fresh idea for this spring.

Curved lines and circles

This year we will see that circles and curved lines will be the protagonists. We can achieve this with simple elements such as trays, sculptures, mirrors, tables or lamps, to name a few examples.

Natural materials

Whether it's a home or a workplace, lamps and furniture made of materials such as rattan, bamboo or natural fibres are going to be a favourite choice in 2020. We can enrich this environment by placing indoor plants, vertical gardens and plant motifs. Ethnic decoration will also be in fashion. To do this, we must not forget that the floor must be perfectly integrated, for which we will use, for example, terrazzo, wood or marble in warm tones.

Casasola in Intergift

Just after this new edition of Intergift Madrid, one of the most important professional decoration fairs in Europe, we have compiled all the information and inspiration we have gathered to offer you all the new products in our shop.

If you want to come and see them, we are waiting for you at Casasola Decor , carretera Cádiz-Málaga Km 184,5. Marbella (Malaga).


Ideas that work to enhance natural light

Light is one of the elements that most attracts our attention from a space. It is so important that it conditions our perception of a house.

Living in a pleasant, comfortable and welcoming space is the aim of all of us. The natural light in our house has a real and direct effect on our well-being. And that happens by making our house bright. There are different things we can do to enhance natural light in our home. Do you want to know what they are?

Choose light-coloured walls

It is nothing new to discover how light colours on walls and other surfaces are able to enhance the natural light of a particular space. That doesn't mean we have to live in a totally white house with no personality. Not at all. The best thing is to choose a special white, light beige or pearl grey to paint the walls of our house. You will already give colour to the space through the furniture, textiles and other decorative elements.

Also, make sure they are matte-finished paints. Although it seems to be the opposite, matt paints reflect light better, while gloss paints only produce reflections.

Put mirrors in your life

The key is to place them strategically, it's a great way to increase the light and also work the miracle of enhancing the natural light. On the other hand, decorating with mirrors is spectacularly effective in bringing elegance and glamour to a room. Place a large mirror on the wall in front of the window. You'll see the light bounce off and multiply in all directions. Take a walk through our online store https://casasoladecor.tienda/ and you will see all the options we have to offer.

The windows, always clear

We recommend that you move larger furniture away from windows and doors, if these have glass panels. Do not place shelves in the middle of the room, better stick them to the walls. Do not let anything stand in the way of daylight. Another thing to consider is how to dress the windows. Do not use thick and opaque curtains, and opt for light white curtains, enough to preserve your privacy without detracting from the light.

With these ideas you will be able to promote natural light at home and gain in well-being for you and your family. What are you waiting for?



Classic blue: the Pantone 2020 colour

For more than 20 years, Pantone's Color of the Year has influenced product development and purchasing decisions in many sectors, including fashion, interior decoration and industrial design, as well as product packaging and graphic design. For this 2020 the colour chosen is Classic Blue. It is a timeless and imperishable blue tone that stands out for its elegance and simplicity.

This shade, which can be found in Pantone's colour chart under reference 19-4052, instils calm, confidence and provides a sense of peace and tranquillity, making it ideal for rooms such as the bedroom or living room. It is a colour that invites us to go deeper and that looks great with the purest white.

Combined with lighter and greyish tones it works perfectly, giving depth to the spaces. If you want to distinguish between different rooms or highlight certain areas of the house, Classic Blue can be a very suitable resource, as you can see.

The Pantone 2020 colour has no limits when it comes to application in the home. It is a colour that is not only strong but also has a strong personality and looks good in any space. It dispels prejudices and banishes the myth that dark colours cannot be put in places without natural light, because they are just that: false taboos. Colour is not at odds with the metres.

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